Lễ Phát Bằng Diamond Award 2022

Student’s name: Kali Nguyen Ngo Bao Khanh

Nguyen Hien elementary school (Fifth grader)

Phone number: 0837998806


My name is Kali. I’m 10 years old. I’m living with my mother and my brother in Ho Chi Minh city. My mother is a staff member at Lion Golf company. Now, I’m a student at CAE Leaders on Tran Nao street. I’m in level 8A. My head teacher is Ms Diem Huong. She has taught me since I first entered this school. After a couple of months studying English at CAE Leaders school, I have gained considerable knowledge because all the teachers here are very devoted, helpful and friendly to their students. This makes me feel like my second home. At CAE Leaders school, I have great opportunities to communicate with foreign teachers. The classes are usually very lively and interesting.

The last thing I want to do is expressing my gratitude to all the teachers at CAE Leaders school. Thanks for teaching me very useful lessons, for taking care of me and for everything you have done for me. I promise to achieve the best result to please both my mom and all teachers here. Thank you so much!

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